Successfully Hack a Tesla Model S and Receive $10,000

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Seriously, this is for real.

The Tesla Model S is a really high tech piece of machinery. Sure, it's an EV, but it's also a navigation tool, social media center, and more. Because of all that, there's been growing speculation that the Model S is something hackers may soon target. Perhaps they already have, who knows?. In an effort to test just how secure its software really is, there'll soon be a contest that will allow computer security experts to compete in an effort to hack the Model S.

According to Forbes, the SyScan Conference will be held from July 16-17 in Beijing, and participants will be given computers and a Model S. The goal, obviously, is to successfully control the car from the PC or make the in-dash browser visit "specified websites, presumably to see whether the malware infection could be possible in the vehicle." Anyone who successfully completes a hack will receive a $10,000 prize. Tesla itself has confirmed that it's not supporting or involved in this contest in any way. The automaker has already tested the car for hacking weaknesses. But still, perhaps it'll be a good idea for Tesla to at least pay attention to what may or may not be discovered by these experts.

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