Such Creative Names: Honda 'C' and 'S' Concepts Premiere in Beijing

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Great looking concepts; just bland names.

'S' and 'C'. Yes, those are the names that Honda decided to give their latest concepts, premiering today at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. While we appreciate Honda's simplicity in this matter, we still think they could have taken the extra five minutes to come up with better names. Moving on from that, both concepts are actually quite important for the Japanese brand, as styling hasn't exactly been their strong suit lately. Beginning with the 'C', this concept previews a future sedan being targeted for the Chinese market.

According to Honda (their words) 'C' stands for "Cool," "Challenge," and "China." They state that the concept's sporty design was inspired by the image of a dragon. In other words, it appears that Honda wants the production version, set to arrive in 2013, to be the Chinese equivalent to the Civic and/or Accord. No other details, such as powertrain or whether there could be a western market version, were announced. Moving on to the next letter, wait, no concept, the 'S' is more of a global model that could preview styling traits of the next Odyssey minivan. And yes, 'S' stands for "Stylish," "Smart," and "Surprise."

The 'S' will reach production and will go on sale first in China. However, it appears that Honda is interested in marketing it as a value-oriented people mover for a global market. It features a spacious cabin and a sleek exterior design. We particularly like the way in which the LED headlights and large fog lights have been integrated large front-end. This is also a slightly new design direction for Honda, as it appears they're moving away from some of the edgier lines to more soft and flowing ones. No other details have been announced, but we could be looking at two very clear previews as to what future Honda production models may look like.

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