Sultan Of Brunei Selling His Stunning One-Off BMW 850Ci

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It's believed to be the only right-hand drive example in Maldives Blue Metallic.

The announcement of the upcoming reborn BMW 8 Series has no doubt sparked interest in the original 8 Series grand tourer from the 1990s. Trawling the classifieds, you may come across some tempting examples in good condition, but this 1993 BMW 850Ci currently for sale at a UK dealership via Auto Trader is rather special. Why? Because it belonged to the Sultan of Brunei, who was famous for having one of the most extensive and coolest car collections in the world.

Granted, the 850Ci isn't renowned for its reliability, but this is one of the most original and well-preserved examples you're ever likely to find. The Sultan of Brunei originally ordered the coupe brand new in a rare Maldives Blue Metallic color. According to the dealer, this is the only right-hand 850Ci to roll out of the factory in this color. It's also been fitted with a Dove Grey interior and appointed with luxurious optional extras like electronically controlled dampers, the automaker's Dynamic Drive Package, and an electrically adjustable steering column. A few owners acquired it after the Sultan, but both the exterior and its luxurious interior appear to be in immaculate condition considering its age.

The BMW 850i came in two flavors. Initially, it was powered by a 5.0-liter V12 with 296 horsepower, but BMW later beefed it up with a 5.4-liter V12 producing 322 hp. The Sultan opted for the least powerful version, which seems surprising given his love for speed and luxury. 0-62 mph takes just over six seconds which is still respectable, but this specific car is equipped with a five-speed automatic which won't please purists as a six-speed manual was also available. If you're worried about any reliability issues, it only has 31,600 miles on the clock and is in excellent condition. Its rarity has bumped up the asking price to 36,995 GBP ($49,563), but it has a unique color and one very prestigious previous owner.

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