Super Cool Dad Shows How To Defuse A Road Rage Incident


Just take all the blame. Simple.

Russia could learn a lot from Iain MacDonald. The road rage incidents we're accustomed to seeing usually emanate from this crazy part of the world, and a baseball bat to the head, or a flash of a firearm is how things are normally settled. Driving along with his kids in the car, the Canadian dad was involved in what sounds like a pretty nasty case of road rage with the driver of a Honda Civic riding his bumper for over ten kilometers, jumping out at red lights to slam superdad's Kia with his fists, and then ultimately blocking his path.

That's when the lesson in how to diffuse a potentially fiery road rage incident begins. Demonstrating politeness and taking all of the blame cooled the heated driver down. To his credit, the guy has since called to apologize and admitted he is seeking counselling for his anger problems.

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