Super EV Showdown: Bike vs. Car

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Check out our new segment where we highlight great but older YouTube videos showcasing classic (and hopefully entertaining) races.

We'll be honest and admit outright that we're not huge fans of EVs of any kind. Whether it's a car or motorbike, we prefer our vehicles to be fueled by the liquefied fossil remains of dead dinosaurs. But we'll admit that the performance potential for EVs exists on the race track - before the battery dies, at least. A couple years ago Citroen made this video showcasing its battery-powered Survolt concept car going up against an Agni Z2 motorcycle in what became the world's first electric bike vs. electric car showdown.

The Survolt concept has a 62 kW battery pack that produces 300 horsepower, giving it a Vmax of 162 mph and a 0-62 time of less than five seconds. The Agni Z2 electric superbike has a 50kW battery that produces 65 hp and a Vmax of 125 mph. And both are piloted by attractive women.

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