Super Rare Bare Carbon Pagani Huayra Spotted For Sale In Cali

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You can never get enough carbon fiber.

No matter what your favorite hypercar is, you just have to respect the awesome Pagani Huayra. There's plenty about this car that makes it epic, like the way the whole thing opens up, the amazing construction techniques employed during its construction, the futuristic interior that makes you think you're about to launch a rocket ship instead of a car and of course that motor. Developed by Mercedes-AMG, the Huayra's twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 makes 720 hp and a high 811 lb-ft of torque.

Oddly with that much power on tap, creator Horacio Pagani opted to use a single clutch setup as opposed to the more popular dual clutch as seen in most cars of this caliber. The setup obviously works perfectly, but would make for slightly slower shifts. But not having to have the clutch assembly covered with oil meant a weight savings of around 154 lbs, the lighter weight being preferred. The bodywork is carbon fiber, and is usually covered in paint, which is not normally a bad thing. But this car's carbon weave is perfectly symmetrical throughout and so hiding that with paint just isn't right. We've seen a few Paganis that have sections of the carbon exposed, and it looks pretty good.

For this one, the entire car has been left in bare carbon, with a clear coat of course. The result is amazing and it gives the Huayra an even more exclusive, desirable look. While there's no information as to how many Paganis left the factory minus paint, there's clearly not many, which is why spotting one for sale at iLusso in California is pretty cool. It's a 2014 model and has just 5,467 miles on the clock. It has a matching black interior, well on the parts that aren't chrome. There's no price listed for the car, but after scanning the various for sale sites, we guestimate the it won't be leaving the dealership for anything less than $2,000,000. As said, there's not many around, so let's hope this one finds a US buyer.

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