Super Rare Porsche 911 RSR 3.8 Strassenversion Sells For Millions

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It's one of two road-going RSRs ever produced, and it has just 6 miles on the clock.

An ratty old Porsche 911 RSR 3.8 Strassenversion - one of only two road-going examples ever made - recently sold for more than $2.1 million at the Bonhams On The Grid Abu Dhabi auction. The final sale price, a heady $2,127,500, sounds like an astronomical amount of money for an old 911, but as we've alluded to, this is no ordinary 964.

Crafted by Porsche Motorsport, around 50 examples were produced, most of which were intended for motorsport use. However, two were built as Strassenversion models, meaning they were road-legal street cars. With so few made, they are coveted by collectors and fetch incredible amounts of money when they pop up for sale.

Equipped with the Le Mans "twin ignition" 3.8-liter engine, Porsche claimed the RSR had around 320 horsepower, but performance testing quickly showed this to be typical German modesty. Some estimates place the power figures around the 375 hp mark.

Bonhams Bonhams Bonhams Bonhams

This particular example was ordered new by a special Porsche customer. It is said that the original owner's requirements were so extravagant that Porsche took several years to deliver the vehicle. Even though the 964 went out of production in 1993, this RSR was delivered on May 25th, 1996, through Porsche Cars Great Britain.

With just 6.2 miles on the clock, the vehicle disappeared into a private collection, never to be seen again - rather sad when you consider how unique this car is. Sold to the last owner in 2017, the Porsche remains untouched and undriven. If the new owner wants to get this out on the road, we imagine it will need a significant overhaul.

Finished in Polar Silver Metallic, the VIP owner tasked Porsche with equipping his race-ready RSR with some civilized features. This includes a Guards Red leather interior, with the hide extending to the headliner, lower dashboard, steering column, and even the roll cage.

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Other rare features include a 120-liter gas tank, a passenger seat, center-locking Silverline wheels (finished in Amethyst), and a locking differential. Despite the shabby appearance, the 911 RSR should clean up quite nicely - it still wears the factory-applied protective coating.

We sincerely hope this 911 RSR is given the life it was made to live. Sadly, with such low mileage and extreme rarity, we don't see it ever heading out on the road, and it will likely be kept in a garage for the future. Interestingly, this vehicle sold in 2017 for $2.25 million, which means the previous owner didn't even make a profit.

Regardless, the latest sales price is still monumental. If you're interested in the other example, it has 41 miles on the odometer and is being offered as part of The White Collection, with an estimated sale price of $2.5 million.

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