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Super-Secret Lamborghini LB48H Hybrid Shown At Private Event

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A new era is about to begin.

A few Lamborghini executives have gone on record recently stating the Italian supercar company has no intention of switching from naturally aspirated V10 and V12 engines to turbocharged V8s. However, in order to continue meeting government-mandated emissions standards, something must be done. Lamborghini's solution is to add a hybrid system, and it turns out we could be seeing the first example of that much sooner than we previously thought.

According to The Supercar Blog, a select few were recently shown the Lamborghini LB48H prototype, a very limited edition hybrid hypercar. The gathering reportedly happened in Italy and only 200 people were invited. The LB48H, however, is not the Aventador replacement. That will arrive sometime in 2020. This prototype is instead sort of an early preview, technologically and design wise, of what's to come. Sources claim the styling borrows cues from the Terzo Millenio concept, pictured here, that premiered last November. The Lamborghini LB48H, and that may or may not be its official name, will go into production by the end of this year with deliveries set to get underway in early 2019.

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Only 63 examples will be built at a price tag of $2.5 million before taxes. When will the rest of the world be able to see the first Lamborghini hybrid? That will likely happen in the coming weeks at events taking place in both New York and Tokyo. Again, none of this has been directly confirmed by Lamborghini, but it doesn't sound far-fetched.