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Super-Sized BMW X7 Is The Perfect SUV For America

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It’s not surprising that BMW’s biggest ever SUV was designed with the US market in mind.

Featuring three rows of seats, a massive amount of cargo space, and a curb weight of over two-and-a-half tons, the gargantuan X7 is by far the largest SUV BMW has ever made. With a starting price of $73,900, it's also a luxury SUV bargain. This makes it the perfect SUV for America to satisfy consumer's unrelenting demand for the large SUVs. Speaking with AutoGuide, Ralph Mahler, BMW's Head of US Product Planning & Strategy, explained how the X7 was designed specifically for American consumers.

"This car is designed for the U.S. market and you can see that in terms of size, you can see it also in terms of seating configuration." There's room for up to seven occupants in the X7 although the bench seat can be replaced with second-row captain's chairs, reducing this number down to six.

"And also, what makes us really proud is, besides the size of this car, and it's the biggest we have basically in terms of volume, it still drives like a BMW," noted Mahler. "Now, I can only tell you because you are not able to drive it… [but] you don't feel the weight of the car, it is a true BMW as a luxury SAV (sports-activity vehicle)."

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While the X7 was designed specifically for America, it will also be sold in global markets including Europe, the Middle East, Russia and China. But America will be BMW's biggest market for the X7 by far, as Mahler said the automaker expects the US to make up 50 percent of the X7's sales. Not only was the X7 made with the US in mind. it's also being built in America at BMW's factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina, alongside other SAVs such as the X3, X4, X5, and X6.