Supercar Classics Showcased At Goodwood's Earls Court Exhibit


Earls Court may be gone, but it lives on at Goodwood.

Exhibition centers don't usually attract a following of such, but the Earls Court venue's a prime example of this deviation from the norm. Through a combination of its distinctive Art Deco exterior, placement in the heart of London and association with many key events (namely the British Motor Show), Earls Court captured imaginations in a way not seen since the Crystal Palace. Alas, Earls Court is now no more, but its spirit lives on for a few days every year at the Goodwood Revival.

Though obviously nowhere near as vast as Hammersmith's former halls, the Earls Court mock-up at the Revival is a mighty fine substitute. Admittedly, not all of the vehicles featured are what you'd call 'vintage' (a sizeable chunk of the cars on display originate from the 21st century), but the more old school wares are more befitting of the Revival's time period. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed the successful 'NUB 120' Jaguar XK120 rally car was proudly displayed alongside its Le Mans racer D-Type and XJR-9 peers, and Porsche kindly brought along a pair of rarely-seen concept cars: the four-seater 'Type 915' 911 prototype and the 989 concept car (with the latter being the spiritual predecessor for the Panamera sedan).

Arguably the highlight of the entire Earls Court exhibit, though, was the Lamborghini centerpiece. Considering it took up pretty much the entire center section of the show hall, it's perhaps no surprise that the Lambos being demonstrated were as varied as you'd expect from such a sizeable assortment. Many millions of dollars worth of Miuras were dotted about the place; interspersed with Espadas, Isleros, Diablos, a Countach trio and even an LM002. Of course, no display celebrating the 100th anniversary of Ferruccio Lamborghini's birth would be complete without a couple of tractors that bear his name. We weren't joking when we said a varied selection of Lamborghinis were being featured!

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