Supercar Drivers Need to Stay in Shape Too

Why strap a bike rack to a rare supercar? Because you can.

One would assume a supercar to be a weekend vehicle, but in these tough economic times perhaps it's becoming the daily runaround, used for shopping runs and, well, heading to the hills for a bike ride. Supercars and bicycles are at opposite ends of the transportation spectrum, yet from Bentleys through Corvettes to Lamborghinis, the trend of strapping racing and mountain bikes to supercars is apparently a growing one.

Perhaps the effects of the rising costs of fuel are wider-reaching that we thought, as single-figure miles per gallon are compensated by completing journeys on two wheels. Or maybe Ferrari F40 owners and their kind deem it necessary to attach a bike rack to their rare automobiles in case they suddenly have the urge to park their gas hungry beasts and breathe in the country air while enjoying a lower body workout. Either way, something simply doesn't sit right with these photos, and brings to mind a fat chick ordering a diet coke to wash down her bacon double cheeseburger with.

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