Supercar Origami: This McLaren P1 Is Made Out Of Paper

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You can attempt to make your own for under five bucks.

Let's face it. You're never going to own a McLaren P1. A real one, we mean. This paper-made version, however, is slightly more attainable – as long as you have the dexterity, patience and hours of spare time to construct it. The artist behind this amazing example of supercar origami is Taras Lesko, who first appeared on our radar with his eight-foot-long paper Lamborghini Aventador. The McLaren Paper 1 is made from gluing together textured printed templates, utilizing 139 parts and 40 pages.

With stunning attention to detail – the wheels and spoilers are particularly impressive – the end result is clearly worth the effort. So if you fancy a go, head to the Visual Spicer website and either download a PDF ($3.99) or print a template for $24.99.

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