Supercar Owners Will Soon Hate Driving In London

If the new mayor gets his way.

Last summer we learned that the local council of the London district of Knightsbridge had decided to clamp down on all of the supercars that it claimed were causing a "detrimental effect to the local community’s way of life." Translation: supercars cause too much noise and the residents had enough. Didn’t matter if those supercar owners were a bunch of rich kids from Dubai or not, the fact was that the revving sound of monstrous supercar engines pissed people off.

And now the new mayor of London wants to take things a step further, this time focusing on road safety. Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that he supports further rollouts of 20 mph speed limits across the city. Currently, nine of the 12 inner London boroughs have 20 mph speed limits, compared to only two in 2013. All told, the 20 mph speed limits now cover a third of London’s population, according to an official press release from Brake, an English national road safety charity. It’s not like supercar drivers managed to go all-out in the heart of the crowded city, but they exceeded 20 mph on countless occasions. If the new mayor gets his way, that will likely end very soon.

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