Supercar Recall: This Time Pagani Owners Have To Suffer

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Even cars with limited production runs are susceptible to recalls, Pagani's Huayra is the latest to need a fix.

Recalls are the bane of motor manufacturers, in a perfect world they would prefer this to never happen, for obvious reasons. There's potentially crippling costs involved to rectify them, especially in a global model. Luckily supercars have limited numbers, but if a recall in an extremely fast car isn't sorted out in time, serious injury or death can be the result. T The NHTSA just released details on the latest one, and its regarding Pagani's Huayra.


It's been reported that there may be a problem with the Pagani Huayra's driver side airbag "which may not remain adequately secured to the steering wheel during deployment," which means it could possibly detach itself in an accident and do the opposite of it's intended design.The NHTSA issued a recall notice on 32 examples of the Pagani Huayra from the 2014-16 model years that were manufactured between April 21, 2014, and July 29, 2016. Sure that's a small number, but with specialist technicians needing to work on the cars, it may still cost a fair bit, but not on the scale of the Takata debacle.


It seems that many of these Paganis are in the U.S, but even if they took their time, the necessary change should be done relatively quickly. Supercar manufacturers would probably prefer to keep this kind of news hidden from the public, but for the car guys out there who will never be able afford one, there's a certain kind of pleasure in knowing the car in the poster your the wall isn't infallible. Cars from Porsche and Maserati have had recalls in recent years too, some have been minor, others potentially life threatening. We're more a fan of the minor stuff though.

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