Supercar Spotting In Puerto Banus Is As Awesome As You'd Expect

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The gearhead's perfect idea of a summer vacation on the Costa del Sol.

As you'd probably expect from a continent that's home to several carmakers and more than 10% of the world's population, Europe is home to plenty of places that should be on every gearhead's vacation bucket list. Visiting London during 'Supercar Season' is nigh-on a must, as is a long weekend to Monaco and a thrash or two in a hire car along stunning roads in Majorca, Scotland, Austria or Switzerland. We'd also like to add to that list a day spent traversing the sun-baked Mediterranean marina of Puerto Banus in Spain.

For those who might not have heard of Puerto Banus before, it's perhaps best summed up as the Spanish equivalent of Monte Carlo, and as a result perhaps the prime place to for any petrol head to spend a summer vacation on the Costa del Sol. During the months of July and August, it's crammed full of exotic road cars, with most of them (of which a huge percentage will be on Middle Eastern plates) being either parked up in the marina or on the prowl along Puerto Banus' main street. Plus, the cars in question aren't just your modern supercars: as our photos testify, classic Porsches, old school American muscle cars and even a Brabus-tuned Smart ForTwo can be spotted on the right day.

Put simply, there should be something for every gearhead's taste in Puerto Banus marina section. Plus, on the off chance there isn't anything by the harbor that takes your fancy, you've always got the Cohen and Cunild workshop that always has an interesting array of vehicles on display, plus the C. de Salamanca Ferrari / Maserati / Aston Martin / Jaguar / Land Rover dealership just out of town to whet your automotive appetite. Factor in Puerto Banus' proximity to Malaga Airport and the stunning town of Ronda that's only an hour or so's drive away up the equally breathtaking A-397, and you've got the makings of a pretty epic quick break to southern Spain for your next summer vacation.

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