Supercar Sunday, Europe's Steroid-Infused Take On Cars & Coffee, Is Back

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The Netherlands is back with the continent's most badass car meet.

Supercar spotting can be a tough job depending on where you live, but for those in the Netherlands the pastime is made infinitely easier when Supercar Sunday rolls around. The vast majority of attendees drive rare and pricey supercars. Cars at the meet included a McLaren P1 GTR, Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, a few Koenigseggs and many, many more awesome rides. The event was held at the TT Circuit Assen located in Assen, Netherlands.

Here's a clip of the supercars at Supercar Sunday taking a lap around the track. It really is a glorious thing to see all of these beautiful and amazing machines just hanging out casually on a track like it's no big deal.

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If you want to get a better idea of the field at the event then check out this video, shot at the track's entry point. It's quite lengthy at 15 minutes but it is basically an endless parade of horsepower so it's not all bad.

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