Supercar YouTuber Goes Full Stereotypical Lamborghini Owner After Being Pulled Over By Police


This has not been a good week for Lamborghini owners.

"Lord" Aleem is notorious for his exotic car exploits on YouTube. The young Englishman recently added a Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster to his fleet, and on the same day he took delivery the police pulled him over. According to police, Aleem was stopped for a routine check that they say lasted four minutes. Not so bad, right? However, the 21-year-old says he was pulled over and harassed for having cars follow him. The truth is likely somewhere in the middle, but what happened next isn't up for debate.

This video only shows the end of the stop, but it captures Aleem throwing a mini temper tantrum. He goes full Lamborghnini owner stereotype, telling the cops that his shoes cost more than what they make.

The world has not been kind to Lamborghini owners this week. There was the guy who drove his Huracan off a track due to brake failure/not knowing how to approach a corner. Hot on the heels of that video came a clip of an Aventador owner having a mini meltdown after he smacked a concrete median. We can now add Lord Aleem to this growing list of Lamborghini fails, although he did end up apologizing to police after taking some time to reflect (yay). Keep in mind that it's only Thursday, meaning that there's plenty of time for another Lambo owner to make an ass of himself/herself before the week is out. Any takers?

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