Supercars Aren't The Only Vehicles That Appreciate Over Time

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Teslas apparently go way up in value.

After a lengthy waiting list, buyers have had a hard time getting into a Tesla Model X. After realizing that he didn't "really need" an SUV anymore, the owner of this Model X is looking to sell the electric vehicle for an extra $81,000 on top of the car's starting price of $134,200. For those that aren't mathematicians, that's an insane $215,000. The Model X is a special car, but it's not worthy of the supercar price tag. Those that don't want to wait can pay the price of $215K to get into a lightly used model, but we admit that waiting for a SUV is a better idea.

The owner is selling the SUV after just 500 miles. The Signature Edition model comes with Tesla's latest Autopilot system, the "subzero" weather package and a third-row of seats. The seller-Stealth md-opted for a shade of red matched with a Black Nappa leather interior. There's no word on whether the Model X has been fitted with Ludicrous Mode option. There's still thousands of people on Tesla's wait list to get behind the wheel of a Model X, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to see one with a markup. However, a full-loaded Model X that's brand new will set a buyer back by $150,000, or $70,000 over the SUV's base price.

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