Top Marques Monaco

Supercars at Top Marques Monaco

Last weekend, Monaco celebrated four-wheeled opulence in style with scores of supercars descending on the principality for the 2013 Top Marques show.

Self-effacingto the last, Top Marques Monaco described its latest event as “the mostexclusive, live supercar show in the world.” Along with superboats, timepiecesand other luxury toys for the super-rich, the supercars at the event are there to be seen, but moreimportantly, procured by the rich and famous in Monte Carlo. Mazzanti andVencer debuted their new supercars at the 10th annual expo, while tuners such asMansory, ABT, DMC Germany and Hamman also showcased their wares. Here’s aselection of what you missed.

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