Supercars On A $50,000 Budget: A 600-Horsepower Corvette Z06 Race Car


This Z06 is definitely one of a kind.

For this week's "Supercars On A $50,000 Budget" we've found a one-of-a-kind Corvette Z06. This 2006 model only has 14,470 miles on it, but the best part is what has been done to it. This less-than-ordinary road car has been transformed into a C6R GT1 race car replica. The 7.0-liter LS7 V8 has been given a boost by Katech for a total of 600 horsepower (up from 505 horses). Aside from the power upgrade, this 'Vette is dripping with cool modifications including the signature yellow livery that adorns racing Corvettes.

Just looking at this no-expense-spared replica tells you that it's something special, with modifications that are beyond skin deep. The parts list for this Corvette is a mile long, but some highlights include a ZR1 clutch, 4.10 rear, coil over packs, Ron Davis radiator, Kooks headers, a B&B exhaust, CCW Corsair wheels, Brembo brakes (rotors and calipers), a Pfadt coilover suspension, a carbon fiber hood, Caravaggio GT race seats, an Autopower race bar, and a carbon fiber roof. Don't think that this replica car looks like an ordinary Corvette on the inside either. The race seats look amazing and there is a new steering wheel, shifter, and tons of carbon fiber.

The dealership, Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics, has even included a video that shows the Z06 starting up and driving into the sunlight.

We know that you can purchase a C6 Z06 for a lot less than $50,000, but this replica race car is extremely unique. If you are looking for a track weapon that will attract a ton of attention at your next Cars and Coffee, this is a great choice. Even though this Corvette has tons of racing modifications, you still get creature comforts like automatic air conditioning, a navigation system, and keyless entry. This Z06 might be the best of both worlds, if a little harsh to drive every day on the street. This particular example is very important because it proves what we have been saying about the C6 Z06. It is an absolute bargain. Even a low-mileage, pristine race car replica like this one can still be purchased for $50,000.

With 600 horsepower, and a laundry list of racing modifications, this Corvette will put the hurt on most supercars. Even if you don't have $50,000 to spend on this amazing example, we have proved that you can get a higher-mileage example for around $30,000. For car enthusiasts on a variety of budgets, the C6 Z06 is looking like an absolute gem.

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