Supercars On A $50,000 Budget: An American Legend That Dreams Are Made Of


It may be a replica, but its looks are legendary.

Supercars are many things. Practical is certainly not one of them. Unfortunately, expensive is. In this series we have showed you many amazing supercars that you can now buy for less than $50,000. Some are high tech and German, while others are pieces of Italian beauty. This week's choice is an American legend that is definitely more unique than some Ferrari or Lamborghini from a dealership. For less than $50,000 you can buy your self Carroll Shelby's masterpiece, the Cobra! Well, a really good replica anyway.

This particular Shelby Cobra was built by Factory Five in 1998. The engine is a 5.0-liter 302 cubic inch V8 paired to a Tremec five-speed manual. We can't be sure how much horsepower it has, but Car and Driver tested one at 225 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. This doesn't sound like a ton, but the car is so light that 0-60 mph takes just 4.8 seconds. If you're truly insane, you can take the car to the drag strip and run the quarter mile in 13.6 seconds. These cars usually came as a kit, but this one is obviously assembled already. Since 1998, the car has only been driven 22,344 miles. Talk about lightly used. We get why this car hasn't been driven too much, it doesn't even have a roof!

What you will be getting here is one of the greatest looking cars ever built. It may not be an original, but trust us, when you're cruising down the street in one of these, no one will think that you are a cheapskate. Little kids will be too busy ogling this awesome toy and other guys will wish that they were in your driver seat instead of their boring Toyota. The Cobra doesn't have a roof, so the number of days you can use it will be limited. However, it does actually have a trunk so you can run some of your errands in it. Although, lets be honest, this car just begs to be driven around forever; if you need groceries, buy a Prius.

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