Supercars On A $50,000 Budget: Be Unique With The Camry-Powered Lotus Evora


Its engine may come from a Toyota, but the similarities stop there!

Lets get this out of the way first. Yes, the Lotus Evora is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 that is sourced from the Toyota Camry. The engine may not be the high point of the car, but don't worry as no one will care whats under the hood. The Evora is mid-engined after all and its supercar looks will be enough to make people on the street question what you are driving. Trust us, plenty of onlookers will ask you about your Lamborghini. Just sit back and feel good that your $50,000 car is being mistaken for such an expensive ride.

People who do actually know what your car is may scoff at the 276-horsepower V6 engine. This is not a ton of horsepower, but the car only weighs 3,047 pounds. Even the horsepower-crazed Jeremy Clarkson liked this car!

The Evora is all about the driving experience. The Lotus philosophy has always been "add lightness." The Evora may be the brand's heaviest car, but it still keeps the driving experience pure. The interior has that handbuilt feel that a Porsche can't really match. Although if you are looking for luxury, look elsewhere. The Evora's cabin has some oddly placed buttons and a rather aftermarket looking Pioneer head unit. Despite the weirdness of the interior, and the uselessness of the optional rear seats the Evora is actually very comfortable. When Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the car he drove on grass, expecting his spine to break. However, he was surprised when the Evora turned out to be extremely supple.

The Evora is an excellent car to take to the track and with the Camry engine it probably won't have too many mechanical issues to worry about. Buying a Lotus is certainly a unique choice. You will see a lot of Caymans and Boxsters on the road, but Evoras are far rarer. If you are looking for the best car to burn people at stop lights, just go buy one of our previous supercars under $50,000. The Evora will get you looked at on the street and make you feel special on the road. Isn't that what supercars are all about? Unfortunately you can't find the more powerful Evora S for less that $50,000, but we found an eye-catching yellow 2011 model for just $42,990 and with only 31,989 miles on it!

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