Supercars On A $50,000 Budget: The British V12 Beauty That Outclasses Anything From Italy


Buy this because cars should be art.

Some say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Others say that humans are predisposed to find symmetrical things as being beautiful, but none of that really matters when it comes to cars. The majority of enthusiasts believe that the prettiest supercars are from Italy and while that may be true, there's something that needs to be said about Aston Martin's vehicles. If ever there was an automaker that proved cars could be works of art, it was Aston Martin. And now, one of the brand's better looking cars is within reach.

Unlike Aston Martin's other offerings that some may question as being supercars, the DB9 is a proper thoroughbred. From the outside it's easy to see why everyone loves the DB9. The achingly beautiful body features an aluminum platform, while the majority of the exterior skin is also made out of aluminum. By no means is the DB9 a lightweight supercar, but after seeing how breathtaking this thing is in person that won't really matter. Besides being a thing of beauty, the lightweight aluminum frame and body give the DB9 a perfect 50:50 weight distribution, which means it isn't a slouch in the corners. While the DB9 is more of an epic grand tourer than an in your face track warrior, the supercar can hold its own in a straight line.

To give the DB9 some firepower to match its incredible appearance, Aston Martin put a massive 6.0-liter V12 engine under the hood of the supercar as its source of propulsion. There's no turbocharging nonsense here as this naturally-aspirated unit puts out an honest 444 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. For those really wanting to let the inner sports car of the DB9 free, there's a proper six-speed manual gearbox or a ZF six-speed automatic, which this model is equipped with. Even in the Volante version, which offers unlimited headroom, the DB9 can get to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. That's quick for a comfortable cruiser that can still blow your mind on a winding road.

And that's where the DB9 shines. Its interior offers a copious amount of room for even the most portly of owners, while real leather creates a haven that can be enjoyed every day. There's real wood and aluminum on the inside of the DB9 that makes this not only a nice place to sit in, but also a good spot to stop and stare. There's even room for two incredibly small children in the back, which makes this a family friendly supercar. Finding a V8-powered Aston Martin for under $50,000 is a challenge, but finding a proper Aston with a V12 under the hood for that price is amazing. This 2006 DB9 Volante has a clear title, 38,200 miles on it and is finished in Jet Black with a Cream Truffle interior.

At $47,750, this DB9 Volante is an amazing bargain. Since it's a soft top you will be able to enjoy nice weather as well as the glorious V12's distinct soundtrack. People will stare, mouth agape, as this DB9 drives by. There are few cars out there that can provide you with the handling of a high-performance sports car with the comfort of a luxury car. Buy this because not every pretty car is from Italy and that's a good thing.

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