Supercars On A $50,000 Budget: The Most Reliable Sports Car In The World


If you buy this car, your great, great grandchildren will still be able to enjoy it.

For this week's Supercar on a $50,000 Budget we are featuring what is perhaps the most reliable sports car in the universe. Most people are happy if their car hits 100,000 miles, but an owner of this week's car has done more than 3 million miles. You may wonder how anyone could possibly put 62,000 miles per year on a car without eventually killing it. But when you drive a Volvo P1800 it is definitely possible. Before you say that the Volvo isn't really a "supercar" let us explain why this sports car might be the most "super" car of all time.

Terminology aside, the Volvo P1800 isn't what you would consider a power-packed monster. It is, however, a lightweight sports car with a plucky little engine. The original P1800 came with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder which produced just 100 horsepower and was paired to a four-speed manual transmission. If you are a bit power-obsessed don't fret. This 1970 example comes with the fuel-injected 2.0-liter B20E engine with a whopping 130 horsepower. This P1800 also features four-wheel disc brakes, which are important because the car will do 118 mph. This particular Volvo is for sale by Hyman LTD. in St. Louis for $46,500 and is in excellent condition.

We have seen how reliable the Volvo P1800 can be, and this one should be no exception. This particular example was sold new in Hollywood and has lived most of its life in Arizona. The car has, amazingly, never been restored, mostly because it has simply never required any restoration. The paint job is flawless and the leather seats are free of any cracks. The car is even equipped with factory AC, although the compressor isn't installed at the moment. If you do buy this car you will also get lots of materials that originally came with it, such as a plastic sleeve with the original factory papers, a new instruction book, owner ID card, as well as service receipts that date back to 1986.

Although it's never been restored it did have some major engine service back in 2002. It has a rebuilt head and the bottom end has also been serviced. The car comes with a binder full of receipts for all of the parts and work that have gone into it. If everything has been done properly, this P1800 may be one of the safest automotive investments that we can possibly think of. You may not think that this week's choice is as exciting as some of our previous picks like the Ferrari made famous by "Magnum P.I." or the turbocharged, 500-horsepower Porsche 911. But trust us, this Volvo has its advantages. When you spend nearly $50,000 on a car, you want to know it will last.

Sure, you could buy something more exciting like a Ferrari or a Porsche and enjoy yourself until it becomes too expensive to run. However, if you buy the Volvo you will be getting a family heirloom that your descendants will be able to enjoy. With some simple maintenance, and a little luck, the P1800 will last you a million miles, maybe more. That means your great, great grandchildren will still be able to enjoy it when everyone else is busy teleporting to work. With this Volvo P1800, you will be creating a family legacy that will last for many generations, and don't you think that's worth something?

We think that this P1800's $46,500 price tag is worth the years of enjoyment that your family will get. The car will only go up in value as it becomes even more of an antique in the future. This P1800 appears to only have 35,000 miles on it, so it could potential go another 2,965,000 miles in theory. The Volvo P1800 may not technically be a supercar based on performance, but the legacy that it will leave definitely makes it a super car.

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