Supercars Pose in the London Sun

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When the sun comes out in the capital, so do the supercars.

London might have lousy weather but it boasts an embarrassment of riches when it comes to supercars. Occasionally, the sun puts his hat on and when it does there's no better place on earth to be. Especially if you enjoy capturing some of the world's finest supercars cruising down the streets in the sunshine. Just check out Shmee150's latest video, shot on a balmy afternoon in Blighty's capital, featuring the ultra-rare Aston Martin One-77 Q Series (only seven of these exist), a trio of Bugatti Veyrons and a pair of Lamborghini Aventadors.

There was no shortage of supercar royalty basking in the sunlight that day with plenty of other supercars making cameo appearances. Check out the video and see if you can identify them all.

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