Supercharged E46 BMW M3 Creams A Ferrari 488 GTB On Nurburgring

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With a manual transmission and fancy heel-toe footwork no less.

The BMW worker who carefully placed the M3 badge on the trunk of this E46 chassis was probably humming a mindless tune while he polished the single red and double blue stripes adorning the letter M. Another job well done. Send this off to the dealership where it'll be snagged by a lawyer wanting to prove that even though his hair grows grey while he writes litigations, he still knows and loves the meaning of the word fun. Well, that's not exactly that ended up happening to this particular E46.

Not that it wasn't owned by a silver-haired lawyer, but the current owners are complete predatory savages who only vent their primal energy when they get on the race track. They're good too, enough to go balls to the wall and attempt a Nurburgring record in this supercharged M3.

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Check out the fancy footwork and supreme control over the skittish steering wheel as they pitch from corner to corner with the skills of a maestro. If the scenery appears more blurry than what the original E46 M3's 353 horsepower powerplant should be able to produce, that's because this engine has been supercharged for maximum output. When under the hood of this stripped out Bimmer and at the hands of a pro, the result is an incredible Nurburgring lap time of 7:16.927. Just how fast is that? Enough to beat the best of today's modern champions like the Ferrari 488 GTB, the new BMW M4 GTS, and even the previous generation 997 Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Let's all aspire to be more like this driver.

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