SuPerformance Has a Thing for the Ford GT40

This isn't your typical GT40 replica.

There are some Shelby replica makers out there who simply don’t put in much effort. Many just take the body shell of one of Shelby’s famous cars, add a V8 crate engine, and call it a day. Those firms also pissed off Shelby himself many times over the years. The folks at SuPerformance do things differently. They want everything about its GT40 replica to be as close as possible to the original iconic car, down to some of the most specific details. A few vital and important changes were made to the car’s construction.

Examples include aluminum components, modern brakes and air conditioning. The end result looks remarkably like the original. Perhaps the best part is that the SuPerformance GT40 is even faster and more powerful than the car that won Le Mans four consecutive times all those years ago.

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