Superman Optima Flies into Chicago

Think you're the biggest Superman fan? Then this is the car you'll want to have.

Kia and DC Entertainment teamed up a while back to build a series of vehicles inspired by some of the most popular superheroes in an effort to raise awareness for DC's "We Can Be Heroes" philanthropy campaign. A teaser image was revealed last month of Kia's latest special edition, and from the first moment you lay eyes on it, this Kia Optima Hybrid can only draw its inspiration from one very specific comic book character: Superman. Nothing has been changed under the hood as all of the changes are purely cosmetic.

The exterior color scheme is unmistakably Superman-esque and the car has also been given a more muscular appearance via custom fenders and an adjustable suspension system. Look closely enough and you may notice that the front grille is intended to resemble Superman's belt and the "red headlights glow with the same intensity of his heat vision (Kia's phrasing)." The interior has also been done up with custom materials and the Superman "S" shield is even integrated into the seats and steering wheel. Also notice the Superman shield logo on the hood. Yes, this is the ultimate Superman fanboy car.

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