Superman Ram 2500 Power Wagon Saves the Day for Low Income Families

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Expected to raise over $100,000 for charity.

The Superman-themed Ram 2500 Power Wagon Chrysler created last year to help promote the latest Superman flick "Man of Steel" is heading to auction, with money raised to go to the LA Family Housing charity that helps families escape from homelessness and poverty. Created by Ram and Warner Bros., while the truck was never in the movie itself, it did feature in advertising clips and went on a promotional tour.

The 2500 Power Wagon comes with a Superman-themed wrap, gloss black roof, anodized red grille inserts, and black 17-inch alloys wrapped in off-road tires. Pewter leather and red accents adorn the cabin, with special badging featuring inside and out. Valued at $112,674, bidding is currently at $47,500 with six days left to bid.

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