Supervettes Corvette C6 Looks Better than the Stingray

The aerodynamic and aggressive SV8. R C7 kit for the previous-gen Vette is a serious proposition.

After putting four years of blood, sweat and tears into the project, you'd hope the result would be something special. And it is. Supervettes has just released a stunning aerodynamic body kit for the previous-gen Corvette that could make those waiting for a new Corvette Stingray think twice. All new carbon-fiber body panels combine with Kevlar-reinforced bumpers to give the C6 an aggressive, modern design, with the front end showing styling cues from the C7 Stingray.

At the rear, Supervettes replaced the quad taillights and exhaust pipes with two centrally-mounted exhaust tips and svelte LED tailights. The kit also includes new alloys, tires, brakes and axle back exhaust. If you like what you see, Supervettes has just two of its five initial pre-orders left priced st $59,995.

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