Drag Race

Supra Destroys Quarter-Mile in 6.15 Secs

That’s got to be some sort of world record.

Running the quarter mile doesn’t look that taxing. Essentially the driver has to concentrate on two things: shifting quickly, and keeping the car pointing straight. In fact some people would call it child’s play. The skill lies in the build, and these Bahrain-based bad boys have created something spectacular – a Toyota Supra that managed to clock the quarter mile in 6.15 seconds at 230.2 mph. Dubbed the E. Kanoo Racing Outlaw, the Supra boasts an engine rebuilt by Titan Motorsports, Precision turbochargers and Liberty transmission.

It also comes with a race-bred Motec M800 ECU tuned by Shane T and a retuned chassis and clutch.Watch the video, but try not to blink or you’ll miss it.

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