Supra Owners May Have To Pay Extra For Apple CarPlay

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Just another quirk of using a BMW infotainment system.

Everyone has their feelings on BMW's involvement with the fifth-generation Supra. Some are angry that Toyota didn't build the car on its own, while others appreciate the use of BMW's excellent drivetrain and interior components. No matter where you sit on the BMW-Toyota debate, there's no getting around the fact that the Supra is very different than any other Toyota model on the inside.

All of the electronics are borrowed from BMW, meaning the Supra uses a version of iDrive rather than Toyota's Entune infotainment system. This doesn't sound like such a big deal, but when it comes down to Apple CarPlay integration, it has created a conundrum for Toyota.


Unlike any other manufacturer, BMW offers CarPlay as an $80 yearly subscription service rather than as an option you pay for at purchase or as a standard feature. BMW customers can also pay $300 to unlock CarPlay for 240 months (20 years), which will essentially last longer than most people will own the car. Although BMW already has a pricing structure in place for Apple CarPlay, Toyota hasn't had enough time to figure out how it will go about offering it.

At the launch event for the Supra, Motor1 asked Jarrod Marini, Customer Care Senior Analyst (Connected Technologies) at Toyota North America if there would be a yearly charge for CarPlay in the Supra. "We haven't decided yet," Marini answered.


This is a fairly surprising answer given how close the Supra is to being on sale. Toyota North America spokesperson Nancy Hubbell confirmed that "discussions are ongoing." While we think it's silly to have to pay for Apple CarPlay, iDrive is one of the only systems to allow for wireless compatibility, which is a nice option.

Toyota has recently started adding CarPlay and Android Auto to its own vehicles but has included the features on outsourced models like the Mazda-built Yaris. We wouldn't be surprised if Supra owners still have to pay for CarPlay, but Toyota may arrange a deal to include the feature at a lesser price.


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