Supra-Powered Volvo Wagon is Back

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With its Supra-sourced engine under the hood, this Volvo wagon goes hunting for some street racing competition. Any takers?

It turns out the Swedes can party too when behind the wheel. Yes, we know that supercar builder Koenigsegg hails from the Scandinavian kingdom, but aside from Volvo and Saab (RIP), the country's auto industry has been more interested in advancing safety technology than creating adrenaline-pumping automobiles. Fortunately our favorite Volvo station wagon-driving Swedish lunatic is back. If you recall, his Volvo 245 is powered by a Toyota Supra-sourced twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six with at least 276 horsepower.

And yes, it can drift. But now he's taking it to the highway with some friends in tow to hunt down some unsuspecting competition. Of course at the end of the video there's even more drift action.

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