Surprisingly A Czech Car Wrapped In Leather Is Not The Worst Thing In The World

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We were shocked as well.

Wrapping cars in leather isn't done very often, but it is done. We saw a Russian wrap his hot rod in Canadian bison leather years ago. And who could forget the Ferrari F430 wrapped in leather by Dartz? No one, that's who. The latest addition to the leather-covered family is a Skoda Superb. Apparently this custom job was commissioned by the Superb's head designer, Jozef Kaban. He reportedly asked student's from the University of Florence in Italy to modify the exterior with cues from the local culture.

Florence is famous for its leather, hence the Superb's leather wrap. The choice of material is definitely…different…but we don't hate it. The sedan actually looks good, although that could change once it encounters the world outside the garage. Hopefully that day never comes. We've included photos of the aforementioned leather cars so check them all out and let us know which one is the best of the best or the best of the worst.

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