Buyers Still Don't Trust Self-Driving Technologies

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According to a new survey.

Getting into a self-driving car may sound like an out-of-this-world experience, but the idea doesn't sit well with car buyers. In a consumer survey by the S&P Global Mobility, buyers desire automated safety through advanced driver system (ADAS) features in their cars instead of self-driving technologies.

The survey showed the desirability scores of both ADAS and autonomous driving features, with blind-spot monitoring topping the list at 82.5 percent. It is followed by a rearview camera mirror, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking (pedestrian and cyclists), and night vision at around 80 percent.

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Meanwhile, the most desired self-driving feature is unsupervised highway automated driving at 64.9 percent. The proposition of owning a self-driving car only received a desirability score of 61 percent.

Most automakers now offer ADAS including General Motors with Super Cruise and Toyota with the Safety Sense. Unlike autonomous driving, automated safety still demands attention from drivers, requiring them to put their hands on the steering wheel or keep their eyes on the road.

But aside from safety factors, price tags also affect the desirability scores among consumers. The survey revealed car buyers want a comprehensive suite of safety features but don't want to pay extra. It went on to say more than 50 percent of buyers expect ADAS features to come as standard.

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The desirability scores are similar to the data gathered by AAA, which suggests Americans are becoming afraid of self-driving vehicle technologies. Numbers-wise, AAA said 68 percent of respondents indicated they are afraid of getting into a self-driving vehicle. This translates to a 13 percent increase over last year's survey.

Despite the lack of trust in self-driving technologies, automakers, such as Mercedes-Benz, arelaunching Level 3 autonomous-driving systems. The German automaker has beaten homegrown brand Tesla in offering Level 3 in the US. It will be optionally available on the 2024 S-Class and EQS Sedan.

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