Survey Says: Old Drivers Cause Tens Of Millions Of Accidents A Year

When should grandpa lose the keys?

A new survey from, an online resource for elderly caregivers, conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International sheds light on just how dangerous elderly drivers are. A whopping 14 million drivers between 18 and 64 were involved in an accident or near accident with an elderly driver. Millennials are the group most likely to be involved in an accident or near accident with an elderly driver, a result that should surprise no one. The survey also gives insight into how Americans view elderly drivers.

A total of 85 percent of respondents said elderly drivers weren’t more dangerous than drunk drivers. What’s more is that most respondents (77 percent) thought the government or DMV shouldn’t be able to make the call on whether or not a person is too old to drive. The reality is there are more and more elderly drivers on the road, with the CDC counting nearly 36 million drivers over the age of 65 back in 2012. It’s clear that steps need to be made to protect the elderly and other drivers, but it seems like no one is ready just yet to let the government step in. Update (1/6/2016): Photo of wrecked blue Jeep removed.

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