Survey Shows An EV Future Is Still A Long Way Off

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The findings of a recent survey suggest that the masses are not yet ready to welcome the arrival of the EV.

There have been several surveys over the past year which haven't exactly painted a hopeful picture for the mainstream commercial acceptance of the EV. These have often focused on the American market, and the perception has been that resistance to the EV is a largely American phenomenon. An Australian firm, known as Deloitte Motor Industry Services, has recently conducted a survey of 12,000 potential EV customers (1,000 of whom are American) from all over the world.

This survey shows that the things which Americans would want in an EV are pretty much in line with what everybody else would like, and these are not things which the EV's of today are capable of. More than half of the respondents want a vehicle which can be fully charged in two hours or less, and more than two-thirds would only be interested in an EV if it was capable of going 200 or more miles on a single charge. A large majority seem to agree that electric cars cost too much, with 77% not wanting to pay more than $30,000 (US) for an EV. In Australia, a full 44% wouldn't pay more than $21,690 (US).

It's clear that today's EV's fall well short of these goals, but what about the future? Consider this: 100 years ago, a Detroit Electric battery EV cost as much as far nicer gasoline-powered cars, had a range of 80 miles and required long charging times. If this is as far as we've come in 100 years, that future is still a long way off.

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