Survey Suggests Mini E Drivers Enjoy Their Electric Cars

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The University of California, Davis Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Research Center in conjunction with BMW conducted a study on more than 40 Mini E drivers out of a total of 450 and found that the majority has grown accustomed to their green friendly cars. Some of the survey details concluded that all the participants agreed that electric vehicles were fun to drive and practical as well and that a staggering 88 percent showed serious interest in purchasing a plug-in car within the next five years.

The most significant piece of data compiled was that Mini E drivers adapted extremely well around the functions and capabilities of the electric car. There are of course some drawbacks, such as the need to plug-in to recharge the car and a reduced range from keeping the heater or air conditioner running for long stretches at a time. You may have to freeze during the winter and fry during the summer, just something to consider before considering one of these battery-powered Mini E's.

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