Suspected Arson Torches Tesla Vehicles

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Welcome to... Sweden!?

With its longtime focus on a clean environment, it's no wonder battery-electrics and plug-in hybrids make up an overall electric vehicle market share of 26 percent of all newly sold vehicles in Sweden. The Scandinavian nation is also proud of its own domestic brand, Volvo, whose CEO recently hinted the next-generation XC90 could be its last new model with a combustion engine. Meanwhile, Tesla remains a very popular brand in Sweden but, apparently, there are still a few haters.

According to Swedish news station SVT, a fire erupted in the middle of the night, early Tuesday morning local time, outside a Tesla store and service center in the city of Malmo. As you can see in the video and images, this was not just a little campfire.


The fire was quite intense outside the facility and it destroyed seven or eight vehicles. We can make out at least one Tesla Model S parked outside going up in flames. Firefighters focused on dousing the burning cars parked closer to the building in order to prevent the fire from spreading to the facility itself. Yes, that means the fire started in the cars.

Authorities still don't know the exact cause of the fire, but investigators find it hard to believe all of the cars suddenly sparked. More than likely, the fires were started by an arsonist. Unfortunately, this wouldn't be the first time fire was deliberately set to a Tesla vehicle in Europe.


In the US, Tesla haters may not have torched any cars but they have used their combustion-engine vehicles to purposely block charging stations. There have also been reported cases of charging station vandalism, specifically with the cables and adapters getting damaged. Regardless of how you view Tesla or EVs in general, acts of vandalism and arson are not acceptable. Period.

There are plenty of other ways to display dislike of a brand such as, you know, not buying their products. For now, Malmo police are continuing their investigations with arson being the most likely cause of the fire.

Source Credits: SVT.SE

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