SUV Actually Gets Struck by Lightning in Utah


Don't ask this family what the odds are, they're probably sick of hearing it.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates that the chances of you getting hit by lightning are about 1 in 600,000. In a moving vehicle the chance of a bolt striking down on your ride is even more rare. Don' t tell that to this unlucky father and son because those numbers flew out the window when their SUV was struck on a highway in Southern Utah. All of the electrical gauges immediately were toast and 3 tires were blown out. Hat Tip to Bradd L.

The video doesn't show much after the strike, but in a way they are kind of lucky in that no one was injured and now they have a cool video to block all the friends that will no doubt call BS on their story when they tell it.

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This video was recorded earlier this year by a Russian dash cam and demonstrates an awesome external view of an SUV getting zapped.

I guess you could say we like this stuff. For good measure, here is a third video of a truck getting hit on a US highway in 2010. Lightning touches down at the 15 second mark.