SUV Drivers Block Highway For Crazy Donut Fun And Almost Kill A Biker

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This is why gearheads get such a bad rap.

It's no secret that illegal street racing is alive and well in the US. In fact, it's booming, and to many law-abiding citizens, it seems as if things are getting out of control. The growth in illegal street racing and car meets has been spurred on by Covid-19 lockdown regulations in certain parts of the country, the general popularization of street racing by Hollywood, and countless YouTubers who all seem to spend a ton of time in "Mexico". In a video posted to Reddit last week, we get to see a bunch of SUV owners block off Highway 1 in California for a bit of hooning, which nearly ends in tragedy.

King_In_Da_Norff/Reddit King_In_Da_Norff/Reddit

Blocking off highways for street racing sounds like something you'd only see on 1320 Video, and tends to feature serious sports cars such as Toyota Supras (and don't forget the odd Honda Civic sleeper), but this video shows the polar opposite: a bunch of bloated Chevrolet Suburban SUVs doing donuts in the middle of the road. The person filming this incident can be heard voicing his opinion in very colorful language, and we're inclined to agree with him. Not only are these guys not even racing each other, but their SUVs seem barely able to do a smoky burnout.

King_In_Da_Norff/Reddit King_In_Da_Norff/Reddit King_In_Da_Norff/Reddit

In the video, one can clearly see cars backed up down Highway 1, waiting for these geniuses to finish up their special playtime, but one Harley rider isn't having it, and barrels straight through the donut zone, nearly getting clipped by one of the smoking bandits. The SUV driver seems oblivious and keeps on doing their thing. If that biker had been clipped, the guy in the SUV would have been in for a world of trouble. Yes, street racing is fun, and when organized in a responsible way, it could be considered safe, but it's still illegal, and when morons like these are in charge, there are no upsides.

King_In_Da_Norff/Reddit King_In_Da_Norff/Reddit

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