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SUV Hits, Hits, Hits Some More, then Runs

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Hit-and-run driver decides one hit isn’t enough before hightailing it out of dodge.

What you don't see is the SUV rear-ending the cab. That's where this video starts, with the cab driver standing in the road, attempting to stop the SUV driver from fleeing the scene. A couple of failed attempts at an about turn, and a clear reluctance to step out of the car and face up to the cabbie, makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with the driver. Then the cabbie tries to smash the driver's window with some sort of club and you wonder what the hell is wrong with him too.

Well the SUV was stolen. Hence the driver's desperate attempts to flee before the po-po show up. Not long after leaving four cars in a mess, Chicago police later caught up with the SUV and the driver is in custody. Surprisingly, the cab driver is being reprimanded by his boss for confronting the driver.

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