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SUVs Are Getting Too Large For Garages

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Garage renovations are on the rise to deal with increasing size.

One unexpected side effect of the automotive industry's shift to larger vehicles has been an increase in demand for garage remodels. Seriously.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the dramatic consumer shift to pickups and larger body-on-frame SUVs like the Chevrolet Tahoe, and Lincoln Navigator, has fueled boom times in the niche garage remodeling industry as people with older homes try to deal with their oversized machinery.

"Vehicles are just taller. You might be able to fit a Ford F-150 into a garage with nothing on its roof, but if you have lights or anything up there, it's cutting things close," said Dustin Collier, a builder based in Traverse City. "Our busiest time is in the spring, when everybody gets their taxes back. We get calls in the fall, too, because people are trying to get ready for winter. I see a lot of four-door pickup trucks. They just don't fit."

He also added that some homeowners are willing to spend somewhere between $3,000 and $12,000 to make their vehicles fit properly in the garage while still having enough room for their stuff.

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Some ambitious projects have even cost up to $20,000 especially for people who are interested in 12 foot high ceilings in order to accommodate the popular roof racks. "People are all about their toys now." Most of the concerns are concentrated on older neighborhoods, however, as cars start to get longer, as well as wider, this may be an issue that starts cropping up in some newer neighborhoods as well.

One thing's for sure, the SUV onslaught doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. Sales of passenger cars dropped below 30 percent market share this summer, and more and more automakers are pulling the plug on their sedan programs as sales of big vehicles skyrocket.

Take Ford for example. Why would it bother making sedans any more when a Ford F-150 rolls off the assembly line once every 52 seconds? While people are waiting months to get their hands on a new Lincoln Navigator, you don't see appetite like that for the Ford Fusion or the Lincoln MKZ.