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Suzuki Equator - A Compact Pickup Truck

The 2010 Suzuki Equator Crew Cab is Suzuki's version of a compact pickup truck that's based on the Nissan Frontier. The 2010 Equator offers as a good choice for consumers who need a basic work truck with a long warranty, and for those intending to tow heavy objects around. A common complain about the 2010 Equator is its loud engine and sometimes skittish handling, not an attractive feature for most.

The 2010 Equator is offered in either a four or six cylinder engine, and its exterior appearance is very similar to that of the Nissan Frontier's. The interior of the 2010 Equator is described as mediocre with its rugged rubberized materials and cramped back seats. These disadvantages make the Equator's competition worth a look, but most consumers continue to like it either way.

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