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Suzuki Equator A Joint Suzuki and Nissan Venture

The 2010 model year of the Suzuki Equator was released without any significant changes. The compact truck has been engineered with a joint venture of Suzuki and Nissan, with the hardware features being taken care of by Nissan, and the styling inputs by Suzuki. The 2010 Equator Crew Cab sports and option of a 5 foot bed that go well with the vehicles distinctive and practical styling. The 2010 Suzuki Equator Crew Cab is fitted with a 4.0 liter V6 engine which generates 261 horsepower.

It is also paired with a five speed automatic transmission and has a towing capacity of 6,300 pounds. The standard trim of the Equator comes with a 2.5 liter four cylinder engine that comes with an option of a manual or automatic transmission, and better fuel economy.

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