Suzuki Kizashi is Recalled Because of Engine Spiders

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What the hell is a Kizashi anyway?

Suzuki Motor of America is no longer selling cars. It left the market a couple of years ago, but that doesn't mean its cars are immune from recalls. Perhaps its best car in years was the Kizashi, a mid-size sedan with an outright weird name that simply arrived too late to save the brand. At least it looked pretty good. But anyway, Suzuki has just issued a Kizashi recall for a somewhat strange yet familiar reason: spiders. Specifically, spiders drawn to gasoline vapors that weave webs that block a hose to vent those vapors.

Air flow is blocked to the Kizashi's evaporative emissions system, resulting in negative pressure on the fuel tank which could potentially lead to a fire. Sound familiar? The same issue has plagued the previous generation Mazda6 twice since 2011. Fortunately there's a solution. Kizashi owners are being notified to bring their cars to authorized "service providers" (because there are no more Suzuki car dealers) to have a filter applied on a ventilation line in order to keep those annoying arthropods out.

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