Suzuki Presents Army-Green Jimny Explorer

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Suzuki gives the Jimny an army-style matte green finish in the city that NATO calls home.

If you're lamenting the loss of Suzuki in North America, well…let's just say the Jimny wouldn't have saved it. Essentially unchanged since its introduction in 1998, the Jimny has got to be one of the most outdated vehicles on the market anywhere. That hasn't stopped Suzuki from trying to keep the little jeep relevant, though. Following an update revealed in November, a new version of the Jimny has popped up at the Brussels Auto Salon that just took place in Belgium.

Although there were no global debuts in Brussels this year, there were a number of vehicles that appeared for the first time in Europe at the show. Among them was the Jimny Explorer. Look beyond the names it adopts (which seem too similar to SUVs once offered by GMC and Ford, respectively) and you'll see a little Suzuki cute-ute that's been given a military-style two-tone matte paint job that's army green on top and a greenish-gray on the bottom. The result may not be enough to redeem a vehicle as comical as the Jimny, but the matte army-surplus look certainly doesn't hurt. And given that Brussels is the seat of NATO, it couldn't have debuted at a better location, either.

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