Suzuki Releases Plans for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show


Suzuki has announced their plans for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show with no surprises.

Most automakers show up to the Geneva Motor Show bearing world debuts and concepts of all shapes and sizes. Suzuki has just announced their plans for the 2012 edition of the Swiss show and they, somewhat surprisingly, have nothing new to show. Several models, which have previously debuted in other venues around the world, are slated to make their European debuts. First up at Suzuki's stand will be the Regina (also known as the G70) Concept.

It runs on a 0.8-liter turbocharged engine and is the harbinger of the Japanese company's next-generation global market small car. Weighing in at a slight 1,609lbs and returning 75mpg (imperial), it was previously seen in Asia at last year's Tokyo Motor Show and this will be its European debut. The second model announced by Suzuki for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show is the Swift Hybrid range extender. The Swift in Hybrid form has been seen previously at the 2010 Geneva Show and an update of the model appeared at the recent 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.


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