Suzuki S-Cross Concept Previews SX4 Replacement

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Crossover concept is just one step away from the production version that'll arrive in Suzuki showrooms a year from now.

There was a time, believe it or not, when not every automaker was building crossovers and SUVs. Back then, it came down to a handful of manufacturers, and Suzuki was one of them. These days, of course, every carmaker and its sister-company makes off-roaders, but Suzuki is keen to regain its slice of the pie with the S-Cross concept seen here. Previewing the small Japanese automaker's upcoming C-segment crossover, the S-Cross is just one step away from production.

When it does reach the market in 2013, the production S-Cross (or whatever name it adopts) is expected to take the place of the SX4. That model was built in conjunction with Fiat and sold as the Sedici, which the Italian side of the equation is set to replace with a retro-styled 500X crossover. Suzuki's answer, however, is decidedly more modern in its design approach. Its dynamic lines (rendered in a special shade of Crystal Green Metallic) run cleanly from the front bumper to the rear, with a de-rigeur sloping roofline complemented by chrome trim, mesh grille, underbody skud plates and LED lights.

While many of the concepts unveiled in Paris highlight hybrid powertrains, however, Suzuki did not outline any specifications for the car's mechanical bits, so assume we're looking at a four-cylinder engine of some size or another. Expect some of these features to translate to production, while others (like the 20-inch wheels, for example) to be revised for production feasibility and consumer usability. However the finished product looks, however, it'll undoubtedly prove a vital product for Suzuki as the company tries to stay in the game amidst a rapidly congolmerating global auto industry. (Live images courtesy of UnitedPictures.)

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