Suzuki’s Q-Concept City Car Offers Electric Micro Mobility

A cute and quirky concept car courtesy of Suzuki will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Seen by the Japanese automaker as "an entirely new kind of mobility," sitting somewhere between a conventional motorcycle and car, the Q-concept will doubtless be one of the major talking points when discussing the concepts of the Tokyo Motor Show. A mere 2.5 meters in length, with two seats in tandem configuration, its maneuverability and compactness makes it more practical than a car in terms of city driving and parking, but more comfortable and convenient than a bike.

This is due to its attractive cabin that has a range of configuration options. For instance, a single seat at the front with a two-person child seat at the back, or a single seat up front and a cargo area at the rear are possibilities, making it useful for transporting children and shopping as long as you can make it to your destination and back in under 10km. "Small cars for a big future" will be at the heart of Suzuki's display at the Tokyo Motor Show and our hunch that the Q-concept is powered by a pure electric powertrain should be confirmed upon its unveiling.

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